Dear Pet Owner,

Memorial Crossing Pet Resort is open. To protect our customers and employees, we have suspended in-lobby interaction. We take and return your pet at the door. Communications are maintained via phone or text to limit contact with humans. We take payment over the phone and email paperwork for your records.

COVID-19 has affected all Americans and we hope you and your family are well. We remain open regular hours at this time. You can be assured that we maintain the strictest disinfection practices at our facility. COVID-19 is not contagious or infectious to pets.

We especially would like to thank all those who are on the front lines making sure we have what we need–medical professionals, first responders, store employees, et al.We know they are often working long hours and may not have a plan in place for their pets that are left alone while they are unable to get home.

Because we want to do our part to help these heroic folks, we are offering them daycare and boarding discounts. We will evaluate on a case by case basis to see if we are able to meet your needs. Please call 405-751-1944 or email us at


Rachel Rabon, Manager